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Webtalk Review: How Does Is it Work?

Updated: Feb 17

Webtalk Review

Is it Worth Your Time and Investment

There is a lot of hype surrounding Webtalk, with most of it stemming from people who are wondering whether the platform is worth their investment. Webtalk is a relatively new social networking platform that requires users to get an invitation before joining. Though it is free for now, it will feature premium upgrades, transaction fees, and advertising.

Webtalk allows you to segment your personal and professional contacts. The platform offers you an opportunity to earn money from its paid services. Read more about Webtalk below:

Webtalk Explained:  Here Is What I Know

Webtalk is the first-ever social e-commerce platform. The site made its debut back in 2015 and continues to see a rise in users. Just like LinkedIn and Facebook, Webtalks operates based on a social and business model. It lets you combine your professional and personal relationships and shop for commodities.

At the core of Webtalk lies a mission to help people collaborate, buy/sell items, communicate, and generate content. You can use the platform to build a brand and amass testimonials. It saves you time since you will have your business, professional, and personal life organized in one place. You also get to control the amount of information various contacts can access.

How Much Will It Cost You to Join Webtalk?

Though Webtalk is free to join, you will need an invite from an active member of the platform. Free memberships do not allow you to tap into Webtalk’s affiliate program. If you want to earn a commission from the site, you need to sign up for the Pro plan at $20 per month or the Pro Platinum plan at $40 per month.

Key Features of Webtalk

1. Access to Both Personal and Professional Networks

Most social networking sites allow users to have a set of followers or friends. Webtalk uses the same model to enable you to add a list of networks to your profile. While setting up your list, you can access the professional data or personal data of your followers. In this case, data refer to a bio, files, videos, photos, and news.

Webtalk and LinkedIn are similar in terms of their focus on business users. The differences stem from users’ ability to add family and friends to their network. LinkedIn does not allow you to have friends and family on one network, while Webtalk will enable you to do so.

Webtalk is unlike Facebook, which allows you to target your posts to your friends or the public,

Webtalk offers you more. The social media platform lets you target your workmates with work-related posts. You can use it to target your clients with business-related posts or your friends with leisure-related posts.

2. Referral Commissions

One of the reasons Webtalk is gaining acclaim is because of its referral commission model. The platform relies on this model to share its entire revenue with users. Webtalk is also in the process of tapping into other income-generating opportunities. They include a premium membership feature like the LinkedIn one and an advertising model like the Facebook one.

Webtalk’s payment structure offers referral commissions in five levels. You get a 10 percent residual commission if any of your referrals sign up for a premium subscription (that costs $30 monthly). Webtalk also offers a 2 to 9 percent promo ad commission if your referral buys from an advertiser. Other commission rates include a 5 percent digital service commission from a third-party ad and a 1 percent commission from Webtalk’s future marketplace.

The commission stats are accessible on SocialCPX, which is a separate site. Your earnings will reflect on this website every time you make a successful lead. SocialCPX is Webtalk’s revolutionary affiliate program for sharing revenue among its users.

Why Join Webtalk?

Once you join Webtalk, you get to manage all your contacts, stream content, and communicate as you like. The site operates as a relationship-based marketplace for purchasing products or services. Webtalk can be a lucrative affiliate platform if you are looking to earn passive income. It prides itself on a platform run by competent and ethical people.

In a few years to come, Webtalk is going to become a must-have for businesses. Joining the platform now will allow you to build your business and connections. You will also stand a chance of earning a substantial amount of residual affiliate income from where you are.

Start the signup process by asking a friend for a Webtalk invitation. You can also find an invitation link from the Google search engine. The invitation link will direct you to a signup form that requires you to fill out your name, email, and password. Once you confirm your email address, your Webtalk account will be up and running.

How to Make Money on Webtalk

Webtalk shares its advertising revenue with users depending on the type of leads they generate. You will earn a commission every time your referral buys into Webtalk’s affiliate program known as SocialCPX. Your earnings also increase when the referred users get other people to register and make the same purchases.

The first thing you will need to earn a commission through Webtalk is an affiliate link. You need to place the link on a social networking site to attract leads. Thanks to Webtalk’s dashboard, you can monitor the performance of each affiliate link and referral. You will get a payment notification once someone clicks on your links and makes a purchase.

Just like other affiliate programs, Webtalk allows you to build a referral network. As your referral network gets bigger, your earning potential increases. Webtalk requires you to have a Stripe account to facilitate payments.

How Much Can You Make from Webtalk?

Webtalk uses SocialCPX as its primary platform for managing affiliate sales and members. Your earnings on SocialCPX will come from commissions related to referrals.

Webtalk will pay you 10 percent of the premium monthly subscription fees paid by your sponsored affiliate members. You will also get 10 percent of the amount spent by your sponsored members on ads.

If your Webtalk members purchase any advertised local services, you get 10 percent of the sale as commission. Webtalk will also pay you a commission ranging from 2 to 9 percent for products purchased through the news feed. You will earn a 5 percent commission for subscriptions sold via Webtalk’s app store.

One good thing about Webtalk’s affiliate program is that it offers residual commissions. You get to access the residual commissions through a five-level MLM compensation plan. Webtalk only allows you to earn a commission from your referred members on the first level. The second level will feature your personally sponsored members, while the third level will feature members referred by your second level members.

The Bottom Line

Webtalk is an intuitive way to manage both personal and professional relationships. The social networking site also allows you to share personalized information in a way no other site does. You can have your personal and professional contacts in one place and choose the type of content to share with each of them. Webtalk’s affiliate program also favors both beginners and experienced users.

One great thing about Webtalk is that it offers affiliates diverse ways to earn commissions. The platform combines the functionalities of LinkedIn and Facebook to provide users with mind-blowing experiences. As an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 50 percent of Webtalk’s revenue.

As with all of my reviews, I intend to answer the question as to whether or not I think a platform is senior friendly.   The answer is yes.  However, it may take you, just as it did me, a little longer to get the full understanding of how it works.  With a little perseverance and a lot of confidence, seniors can benefit greatly from Webtalk.  As seniors, we get to make money promoting our products as well inviting others to join the program.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  If you have used Webtalk, please share your experience with this platform. 

Thank you

Pat Bracy

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