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Linktree for Senior Marketers

Updated: Feb 17

A Detailed Review on Linktree for Senior Marketers

My Opinion Based on Research

One way to increase the engagement on your social media profiles is by adding links to your other sites. Linktree is the tool you will need to make this work.  I highly recommend Linktree for senior marketers.

In 2016, brothers Anthony and Alex Zaccaria developed Linktree to help social media users add links to their pages. Since its debut, Linktree managed to amass more than 8 million across the globe. It allows influencers, agencies, publishers, artists, and brands to streamline the sharing of their content. However, Linktree does not have an affiliate program at this time.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is an online tool you can use to create easily customizable and personalized pages on social networking sites. It allows you to have all the essential links in one place for your audience to reach you easily. You can use it on LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram.   Linktree enable you to help people discover your business, work, or brand.

If you are looking for an online tool to manage your content and attract leads, Linktree is the ideal solution. You can use it to direct your followers to other platforms run by you. The links may point to your other social media profiles or online store. Either way, Linktree helps users grow their online ecosystem.  In addition, it allows them to curate more, share more, sell more, and build bigger audiences.

What Is the Purpose of Linktree?

One of the reasons Linktree came into existence was because Instagram does not allow users to add hyperlinks in posts. Linktree gives you a short link to add to your bio. When anyone clicks on this short link, it will direct them to a web page that lists web addresses to your pages. Your followers can click on any of the links to access their preferred content.

After setting up a Linktree account, you need to add links to your other pages or profiles. Linktree will give you a unique URL to post on your YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Twitter bio, or Instagram bio. The unique URL will remain as it is. You will update the Linktree links depending on how you want your followers to access content on the respective webpages.

Pricing Plans and Features

Linktree’s pricing plans include the Pro plan (paid monthly subscription) and the free version. With the free version, you can track your links’ number of clicks and customize your profile with a basic theme. The Pro version, which costs $6 every month, comes with a wide array of features. Linktree Pro features include Leap Links, social icons, button styles, colors, and fully customizable backgrounds.

Linktree Pro

Highlighted below are the features you get after choosing the Linktree Pro plan:

Video Links

Video content makes it easier to engage with your audience on social networking platforms. Linktree Pro allows you to add video links to your unique URL. You may embed links to your Twitch live streams and videos or YouTube videos.

Leap Links

The Leap Link feature allows you to direct your followers to one link instead of your Linktree profile. Linktree will still allow you to track the visitor count on your Facebook audience integrations and Linktree analytics. You can use this feature if you want to send your followers directly to one page. It is even possible to schedule the Leap Link to be active on a particular date and time.

Photo Thumbnails

With this feature, you can include images on your Linktree link buttons. Linktree allows you to choose the photos from your Instagram gallery or your device. Photo Thumbnails work best with JPEG images of a 1:1 square ratio.

Views and Clicks Chart

When one of your followers views your links, Linktree will count that as a view. Consequently, Linktree will count that as a click when someone clicks on one of your links. The Linktree admin dashboard will display your entire Linktree views and clicks for the past week or 28 days.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Linktree allows you to include your Facebook Custom Audience Pixel on your links if you subscribe to the Pro plan. The Facebook Pixel integration makes it easier to track your visitors and segment them as you wish. You can even scan the data for lookalikes.

Custom Fonts

Linktree’s custom fonts make it easier to make your button text look stylish. You can add a custom font type and font style to the links. The feature is available under the Settings tab of your Admin dashboard.

Email Integration

You can direct visitors to an email sign-up field for them to subscribe to your email list. The sign-up field will appear on your Linktree as a button. It comes integrated with MailChimp. When a visitor clicks this button, it will prompt them to fill in their email address.

Scheduled Links

One good thing about Linktree’s Pro plan is that you can schedule links to disable or enable at specific times. You can even adjust the time zones to suit your followers from different geographical locations. The feature comes in handy when you want to share time-sensitive content or schedule Instagram posts.

Priority Links

With this feature, you can pick one Linktree links to attract more attention to your followers than the other links. A Priority Link will compel your visitor to want to click on it. The link may point to a page with content that you urgently wish your followers to access.

UTM Parameters

Linktree Pro allows you to include UTM parameters on your links for Google Analytics to understand their source of traffic. Once you activate this feature, set Google Analytics to display all traffic from Linktree as ‘social’ rather than ‘referral.’ Linktree also allows you to set other URL parameters for your links.

Pros and Cons of Using Linktree

Linktree offers useful features if you are using the free version or the Pro plan. You may subscribe to a pricing plan that can help you with your content needs and grow your audience. Either way, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Linktree for senior marketers:

The Pros of Using Linktree for Senior Marketers

  1. The tool is free to use unless you want to access Pro features.

  2. It is easy to create an account, add links, and past your unique Linktree link on your social media pages.

  3. You get a link that accommodates links to all your sites or online profiles.

  4. Opportunity to generate cash from affiliate links thanks to the Amazon integration

  5. Linktree helps attract traffic to your blog and other content pages.

  6. You get to monitor clicks and views.

  7. Linktree gives you a convenient means to add more than one link to your Instagram bio.

The Cons of Using Linktree

  1. The free version offers limited stats and limited backgrounds.

  2. Linktree does not guarantee that visitors will click through your links.

  3. Instagram and other social networking platforms may mark some of your Linktree links as spam.

Summing Up

Linktree is a great tool to use if you want more engagement from your followers. It is easy to set up and use on your social networking profiles.  You can use Linktree to direct visitors to pages that may improve how they interact with you or your brand.

One noticeable trend in the digital space is the increase in the demand for content. Linktree allows you to have links pointing to your content sites for visitors to access at their convenience. You can use it as a marketing tool and a social media management tool at the same time.   After reading this review on Linktree for Senior Marketers you can sign up  for a free account HERE.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

Thank you

Pat Bracy

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