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How to Sell Information Online

Updated: Feb 17

Steps to Selling Information Online.

Besides being a rapidly changing avenue in which products are sold online, affiliate marketing continues to become a lucrative income generating source. The reason for this is that it works better than traditional ads. Most of the online purchases stem from recommendations. Therefore, it is possible that you can learn how to sell information online.  You can earn money by giving people suggestions about products or services.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate, intending to learn how to run an online business by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing. I have learned so much, and so can you. At the beginning of the training, you will learn how to pick a niche for your site. The first step involves finding something you love or something you know. In this guide, I will intensely discuss ways in which seniors can sell information through affiliate marketing.

How Seniors Can Turn to Blogging for Extra Income

What is blogging? The word refers to writing and maintaining content to share with others, usually via a website. Blogging continues to be a popular outlet for writers, businesses, and nonprofits. Today, you can write just about anything in your blog that you think may help answer people’s questions.  The good thing about the modern digital revolution is that it will allow anyone to leverage blogging power. Seniors could not enjoy these advantages two decades ago.

The number of blogs featuring information from credible senior writers is rapidly rising. Such blogs offer writers a chance to talk about topics that range from current affairs to health. As a senior, you can write content that provides positivity and support and covers topics from a senior’s perspective.

What Kind of Information Sells on the Worldwide Web?

Over the past few years, the digital sphere recorded an increase in seniors signing up across different social networking sites. Seniors are embracing social media and technology, just like young adults. They are also adapting to modern communication demands by turning to blogging platforms to share information from their perspectives. For seniors looking to venture into blogging, here are some niches to consider:

     1.  Blogging About Senior Women

Blogging is giving senior women a platform to share recommendations and life experiences. There are older women writers sharing tips of fashion and style for their fellow peers. Other topics covered in these types of blogs include major societal events, relationships, and health. You can also share information about how senior women, both married and single, can attain financial security.

    2.  Blogging About Senior Men

Under this blogging section, topics such as health and fitness have a more extensive reader base. Sharing expert insights on men’s health and exercises may help attract a big audience. Topics that cover health concerns and nutrition for senior men may also sell well.  To further expand your reach you can write about single seniors me.

       3.   Blogging About Senior’s Health and Concerns

Aging usually takes a massive toll on us as we get older. Seniors must have access to up-to-date information about health and wellness. The goal here is to target senior readers who are looking to make lifestyle changes to improve their health.

      4.  Music Recommendations for Elderly People

Music is among the popular forms of art that cut across all ages. A blog that recommends different songs to senior citizens may be a hit. The blog can cover different music genres and include the latest new song or album releases.

 How Affiliate Programs Can Enable You to Earn Income from Your Blog?

With the millions of blogs available online today, many of them earn a substantial income, and you can earn money too. If you enjoy writing about personal experiences, you can embrace affiliate marketing to make extra cash. As an affiliate marketer and blogger, you will use your content to direct readers to a service or product. You will earn a commission every time a reader takes a specified action, including purchasing a product.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal avenue for those looking to make money from their blogs. The only condition is that your blog should feature quality content. Every time readers go through your content and find it useful; they are more likely to want more. As you gain the readers’ trust, it will be easier to promote your services or products.

Earn Income with Affiliate Marketing Writing and Selling eBooks.

Promoting eBooks offer a convenient means to share information to be read as a document on digital devices.    Therefore, it is possible to promote affiliate services or products through eBooks.    You can start by choosing a familiar topic and then finding a reliable affiliate program. Listed below are some tips I find useful as I researched on how to take advantage of affiliate marketing with eBooks.

     1.  Choose a Topic You Know and Love

Writing an eBook can be fun if you are passionate and knowledgeable about the chosen topic. Take time to find a topic that is easy to research and compile information. If your interest in the subject is genuine, the writing process will be fun.

     2.  Search for a Reliable Affiliate Program

An affiliate program will allow you to promote various products or services for a commission. Consider choosing a a program that is highly reputable. You can find a list of  over 3000 affiliate programs within the training on Wealthy Affiliate. Before you consider joining an affiliate program, make sure it offers a substantial commission to affiliates.

     3.  Choose a Topic for your eBook.

A platform such as the Amazon Kindle Store will give you titles of already published eBooks. You can go through the titles related to the topic you choose for your eBook. Check whether books in your writing niche have higher sales and good reviews. Look at the competition to determine whether it will be worthwhile to invest in that niche.

For instance, if you want to write about online gaming for seniors, there are various approaches you can take. You can make your book about ‘online gaming sites known to improve concentration among gamers.    A title such as ‘2021 game recommendations for seniors’ may also work.   In learning how to sell information online, the goal  is to customize the book to your target audience.

     4.  Write Your eBook with Affiliate Marketing in Mind.

It is crucial to have affiliate links to various products or services before writing the eBook. When adding the links to the book, avoid making the content sound like a sales ad. Consider passively adding the affiliate links and then make a strong case on why people should click them later on in the eBook.

Your eBook should be super helpful to its target readers and should feature proper grammar. You are likely to get low reviews if it does not meet readers’ expectations—the chances of earning income from the book increase if it is fun to read and helpful. Your rewards will depend on the number of affiliate sales the content attracts.  So, do take time to develop your book.

  5.  Use Different Platforms to Sell the Book

After generating content for the book, you can sell it from your website by making a PDF version available to potential readers. You can also add a PayPal link or a shopping cart to facilitate payments when a reader wants to pay for the book. Since the entire purchasing and downloading process will be automatic, your work will include tracking the sales. As the author, you will have full control of the process.

When selling your eBook from your site, you also access customer information. With this data, you can market other books (written by you) and additional affiliate services or products. Third-party sites such as Amazon can help you sell your book. You can also tap into Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to reach a broader reader base.

     6.  Promote Your eBook

Just like any other online product, you should promote your eBook to increase sales. Adding the book on your website will help existing visitors know more about it. If they find it useful after purchase, they are likely to send you referrals and share your link with friends. Referrals and recommendations from your existing readers can help promote the book to greater levels. You can also post a purchase link for the eBook on your social media pages which is a great place for online selling.

Giving out a few copies to blog owners and social media influencers will help promote the book. Ask them to review the book and share their sentiments with their followers. With this strategy, you can gain new readers who will form part of your loyal reader base if you continue generating useful content.

You may consider giving away the eBook for free with the goal of leveraging on the affiliate links included inside. Consider adding a download link to the book on websites that advertise free eBooks. You can also add opt-ins on your web pages that recommend a visitor to download the free book and sign up for your email list.

Turn Your Hobby into an Income Stream with Wealthy Affiliate

As information continues to become a commodity, there are different ways you can tap into its income-generating potential. Affiliate marketing, which allows you to earn a specified commission for marketing another company’s products, is one means. If you are new or inexperienced in the field, you will need to find a product that you enjoy or one that you can earn a substantial amount of income promoting.

All sales facilitated through affiliate marketing stem from affiliate links, which link websites to each other. Navigating through this income-generating opportunity is less challenging if you have platforms like Wealthy Affiliate on your side. Wealthy Affiliate is great for individuals looking to earn money marketing other companies or people’s products or services.

What if I told you today that there was a way to enjoy the benefits of affiliate marketing by doing what you love? Your journey to succeeding as an online business owner is about to begin once you join Wealthy Affiliate.   As a member, you get to choose the direction your business will take from a vast number of niches


Wealthy Affiliate offers live video classes, mentorship, and support to its members. Once you sign up, you will also have access to the live chat feature and the course lineup. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best mentorships and training platforms for building successful online businesses.

If you have any questions or comments on how to sell information online, please feel free to leave them below.

Thank you

Pat Bracy

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