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How to Become a Super Affiliate

Updated: Feb 17

What does it mean to be a Super Affiliate?

One of the phrases you will encounter when navigating the affiliate marketing realm as a senior is “Super Affiliate.” In the past, marketers associated this term with incredibly flashy, relatively young, and arrogant people. Today, the term “super affiliate” refers to the best affiliate marketers who make up the industry’s top 1 percent. To become one, you should know how to manage profitable campaigns and have a large, steady income to prove it.

Super affiliates have a shared interest in acquiring assets, building wealth, expanding their business knowledge, and tapping into new opportunities. But how do you become one when working in a competitive niche market? Here are seven tips to get yourself started:

Rely on Paid Ads and Traffic

While free ads can help you reach your targeted audience.    However, paid advertising platforms like Bing, Google, and Facebook make it easier to attract highly targeted traffic to your site. With this traffic type, you get to eliminate the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns and have instant results. You should have a budget for your paid ads to expand your reach and maximize your affiliate earning potential. Super affiliates mainly rely on paid traffic to attract sales to their sites.

Direct your paid traffic to a place you can acquire your visitors’ email addresses. Once a consumer clicks on your paid ad, the link should direct them to a webpage with a pop-up form.   It is there they are asked to fill in their contact information. Email addresses make it easier to reach a large group of people.  In addition you will be able to promote products that may suit their lifestyle or solve their day-to-day problems. Use paid ads as a medium for marketing your affiliate products to drive more sales and maximize your affiliate commissions.

Launch a Digital Product

Super affiliates have a substantial competitive advantage over other affiliates due to their ability to work as marketers and vendors. You can assume a marketer and a vendor’s role by launching your digital product and promoting it to existing customers. Find a product that addresses a particular problem faced by your target audience. Your profits will increase tenfold once you recruit other affiliates to promote these products on your behalf.

For instance, you may launch an e-book that offers practical tips on your customers’ particular topics. Although launching digital products may seem complicated, it is essential to focus on the benefits you get once you succeed. Besides using your site to sell your digital products, online marketplaces such as Amazon may come in handy.

Promote products Launch.

Product launches have a higher income earning potential for affiliates since they help buyers discover new products. Look out for product launches in your niche and promote them to your audience to increase your earnings. Though most of them have a short availability period, they pay exceptionally well.

A product launch may last between two to three weeks, depending on the vendor. Sites such as Jvnotify and Muncheye can keep you posted about new launches. You get insights on the date, the link for signing up, and the commission from these platforms.

Expand Your Knowledge on Affiliate SEO

Your success in affiliate marketing relies on your ability to drive highly targeted traffic to affiliate products to increase sales. SEO (search engine optimization) is the number one digital marketing tool for driving reliable traffic to product sales pages or your site. Immerse yourself in the world of SEO and learn how you can use it to amplify your promotions. There is lots of free informative materials on SEO online that you can use.

SEO focuses on keyword optimization and content creation that can help your site rank well on search engines. Research ways you can use internal links to make your site search engine friendly. Experiment with different SEO tools and choose one that fits your marketing campaign. You should also lookout for new advances in SEO that can give you a competitive advantage over other affiliates in your niche.

Promote Affiliate Programs that Pay Recurring Commission

The good thing about recurring affiliate programs is that they pay you a certain amount of commission every month for making sales. Your primary job will involve referring people to the program. In addition, you get a commission on every referral provided your referrals do not delete their account. Examples of programs that can pay you recurring commissions include sales tunnels software, podcast hosting sites, and email marketing software.

Build an Effective Email List

Successful affiliates are those with an in-depth mastery of how to build and maintain a vast email list. An email list typically comprises email addresses of people interested in types of affiliate products or services you are promoting. You can use it to attract more subscribers and establish an impactful relationship with them.

Email lists allow you to promote your affiliate offers without worrying about attracting traffic to your site. If your affiliate products appeal to the subscribers, they will likely click on the affiliate links you attached in your newsletters and make a purchase. Email marketing software such as Get Response, Aweber, and Converkit can help you build a useful email list.

Find and Promote High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Your journey to becoming a super affiliate largely relies on your ability to promote high ticket offers. High ticket offers usually have a high amount of commission attached to their sales. A good example is a digital product with a $2,500 price tag offering a 50 percent commission, which amounts to $1,250 per sale.

Be mindful about the type of high ticket offers you are promoting since some are highly competitive. If the offer has a lot of competition from other affiliates, your chances of making a sale are relatively low. Research and consider less saturated products with high commissions to increase your earning potential.


The key to becoming a super affiliate lies significantly in the mindset you embrace when promoting affiliate products or sales. Successful affiliates adopt a play-to-win mentality and are always on the lookout for income-earning opportunities in their niches. Note that earning a lot of commission is not the only requirement to becoming a super affiliate. You must expand your skillset, be consistent, and adopt a business mindset to succeed.  You can become a super affiliate through Wealthy Affiliate.

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