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An In-depth Review of Hire Writers

Updated: Feb 17

A Review of Hire Writers!  Should Seniors Use Them?

 Based on my experience and research

Hire Writers ranks among the popular content Mills on the Internet today. The platform makes it easier for people to find experienced writers for different sets of writing tasks regardless of the word count. Its community comprised thousands of writers from native English-speaking regions with varying levels of experience, writing styles, and backgrounds.  This is an in-depth review of Hire Writers.

When you sign up as a client, you can assign simple to complex articles to different writers. On the other hand, if you register as a writer, you can access various assignments with different deadlines depending on your skill sets.

Besides article writing services, HireWriters also offers auto-responder series creation, copywriting, and blog posting. Others include ghostwriting and proofreading/rewriting articles. On their website, the HireWriter team states that it aims to deliver incredible user experiences and satisfaction.

In this guide, we will discuss HireWriters in detail to allow you to decide whether joining the platform is worth your time and investment.

HireWriters Explained

The HireWriters website operates as a service that links clients who seek website content and experienced freelance writers. Greg Meyers, who is the CEO of Wordployment, currently heads the HireWriters team. HireWriters’ author community is open to authors, veteran publishers, and beginners. Editors and agents looking for project writers for contract written articles, single articles, or multiple articles can also join this community.

All content submitted by writers must pass Copyscape, which is a highly developed online plagiarism checker. HireWriters assures clients of original, non-plagiarized content. The platform automatically bans writers who submit unoriginal material.

How HireWriters Works

The first step to getting started with HireWriters involved creating an account. You can either register as a client or a writer (from a native English-speaking country/region). Clients must outline instructions writers should follow when writing an article. They also need to specify the writer’s skill level, keywords, and job title.

The HireWriters system automatically prices clients’ tasks and posts them on the Jobs Board for writers to pick. Writers should only select a job of their skill level. HireWriters’ skill levels include Beginner, General, Skilled, and Expert.

The Beginner level is where most writers start when they are new to HireWriters. As a writer, you will only progress to the General level if you complete at least three articles, have a 4-stars average rating, and a 73 percent on-time rating. The Skilled level requires you to complete at least six writing tasks and have a 4.2 stars average rating and an 82 percent one-time rating. You will only make it to the skilled level after completing at least 15 jobs and get a 4.6 stars average rating and an 82 percent on-time rating.

Your ability to rise the ranks depends on the quality of the writing tasks submitted and the clients’ rating. As a writer, you will have 48 hours for 2000-word plus articles, 24 hours for 500-word plus articles, and 12 hours for 300-word articles. Clients have the power to accept or reject tasks and even fire a writer. If a client fails to respond to your submission in 72 hours, the HireWriters system will automatically accept the assignment, but you will not get any rating.

HireWriters for Clients

HireWriters uses the term ‘clients’ to refer to individuals, agencies, or organizations looking for freelance writers to generate content on their behalf. As a client, you can request writing, rewriting, and proofreading tasks. You can even ask writers to get you suggestions, concepts, or research topics.

After signing up for free, HireWriters will send you an activation link via email that you can use to confirm your email address. Once your account is active, you can search for freelance writers based on the number of assignments they completed, their experience level, and their industry background. It will cost you as low as $1.50 to have an article written for you.

HireWriters will only allow you to assign tasks after depositing $10 or more in your account.

As a client, you can download articles written in HTML or TXT file formats once a writer submits them. It will take up to 24 hours for a writer to complete your job. You can even set the deadline depending on the number of words assigned to a writing task. HireWriters allows you to review articles and only accept them if you are content with the quality. You have 100 percent rights to the article after accepting it.

HireWriters gives clients an option to download different variations of the same article. The system automatically adds spin tags, which contain phrases or words with a similar meaning as the article’s corresponding texts. Though other content mills charge clients for this service, HireWriters offers it for free.

HireWriters for Writers

HireWriters only accepts native English-speaking writers, particularly from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and Canada. As a writer, you must be 18 years old and above to create a writing account on the platform. You will have to pass a basic grammar test and submit a well-written short essay before HireWriters considers you as a qualified writer. Once a client accepts your article and your earnings reach to exceed the $10 threshold, you can request the funds via PayPal.

Each HireWriters account comes with a message function that you and clients can use for communication. It is advisable to frequently check your inbox, especially when you have ongoing writing tasks. You can pose questions to a client when you need clarification on something using the message function. HireWriters advises both clients and writers not to disclose any communications they had on the platform and not share their personal contact information.

Plans and Pricing

The HireWriters system prices articles based on word count and the writer’s experience level. Word count ranges on the platform include 150-300 words, 300-500 words, 500-700 words, 700-1000 words, 1000-2000 words. Skilled writers earn $8.25 for every 500-word article written, whereas Expert writers earn $19 for the same article. HireWriters prides itself as one of the content mills on the world wide web, offering great value for every cent spent buying an article with these rates.

HireWriters also allows clients to order rewritten content, Facebook fan page posts, poems, and eBooks. The lowest amount a writer (Beginner) can earn on the platform for one article is $1.85, while the highest earn is $12.50. Detailed pricing for the content is available on HireWriters’ pricing page.

Is HireWriters Worth It?

HireWriters is a fast, affordable, and decent quality writing service that targets online businesses that need copywriting services. The platform also caters to writers of different experience levels (Beginner, General, Skilled, Expert) who want to make a living through freelance writing. Your progress as a writer depends on the ratings you get from clients and the submitted articles’ quality. On the other hand, clients have a lot of control over the quality of the requested articles.

If you are an individual looking to generate a large amount of content for your site, HireWriters may be the platform to find the right writers for the job at an affordable price. Consequently, if you are an experienced writer from a Native English country looking for active income, HireWriters can give you the chance to hone your skills. Either way, both clients and writers benefit from the content generation model HireWriters has in place.

I highly recommend this platform for seniors.  You can use HireWriters to write your content and you can promote HireWriters as one of your streams of income.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

Thank you

Pat Bracy

Promoting Work From Home

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