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Why I Chose To Become An Affiliate?

After lots of research, I now know that affiliates are in demand. I thought I would need to have my own product if I wanted to make money online.

However, I have since realized that digital marketing utilizing affiliate programs can provide income streams even while we sleep. Affiliate marketers get to use creative methods to offer real value to internet surfers. Of course, you can promote your product as well.

A Little History

I have always loved learning; however, I also love earning. For more than twenty years I sought to find ways to make money on and offline and have lost thousands of dollars doing so. I am not going to say that every opportunity I tried was scam centered. However, I will say some of them were costly and made unrealistic promises.   Others offered fast money and were much too complicated for me to understand.

As I approached retirement age, I decided to look one last time with the intension to find something that I would enjoy doing. I have years of knowledge and experience in teaching in creative ways.  For instance, I was dean of a bible college up to the onset of COVID.  I taught health and fitness for more than twenty years.  I did public motivational teaching and preaching for almost five decades.  Now I am looking to utilize these skills online to help others.  As senior citizens we are not done, and we have a lot to offer to the world. 

Making Money Is Fun

The good news is we can make money while having fun. The fun part is that we no longer must go out to work. We can do so in the confines of our own homes.  I can now say I believe in the idea of promoting affiliates program. I now know that it is not as complicated to set up as I first thought it would be.  This is not to say it is easy but rather than it can be accomplished.   In addition, I know that there are many affiliate programs available to promote.   I also learned about thousands of affiliate programs I could join, including Amazon and Walmart.

Is there a need for affiliate marketers today? YES, it is. 

With billions of shoppers surfing the internet daily looking for services and items and information, there is a great need. Selling online is not a get rich overnight program; however, it is an avenue to generate income. 

As a senior citizen, I find it to be beneficial in keeping my mind engaged. In addition, every day, I learn something new.   Moreover, it is retirement at its best. One of the problems people have in the affiliate marketing industry is that it often sounds too good to be true. I remember having those same thoughts. 

In Conclusion

Affiliate marketing is advertising businesses' goods and services and receiving payment from every sale your advertising generates. As a newcomer, you may wonder if it is possible to make money advertising others' goods and services. As a skeptic, you may ask why I should help someone else make money by promoting them. The reason why is that affiliate marketing has grown leaps and bounds despite its challenges throughout the years and it works. It has evolved to become one of the most reliable sources of sales for marketers.

Wishing you success!

Pat Bracy


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